When it comes to the question of whether one should buy or rent property, many factors come to mind. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. The answer to whether buying or renting is better largely depends on your personal profile and preference.

Making the decision to move on from your current property is one that may present some weighty dilemmas, and whether to sell or rent out your house or apartment offers various pros and cons.

CEO of Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate, Mike Greeff, advises those looking to sell or rent their properties to consider all the advantages and disadvantages involved in the decision.

Should you sell first and begin your house hunting thereafter, or house hunt first and sell your house once you've found a property? To work out the answer to this dilemma, you need to ask yourself two questions: what are your financing options, and what are the current market conditions?

Defined as properties that are still partially joined or separated by one main wall, townhouses have long been known for their understated appeal and convenience.

The property market is determined by supply and demand of real estate, which then dictates whether it is currently a Buyers or a Sellers’ market.